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I’m not into shounen ai, but I’d figured Hinata was cute enough to be fantasized by both genders. Here’s hoping for more Haikyuu!!


My work area… and gundams

I love Dragon’s Dogma so much. If you had not yet had a chance to play this master piece and have extra money to spend, then here:

This was a good year.


-1,128 notes (not including my nintendo game wish list)

-268 post

-Had our first contest in July with 7 winners

Thank you guys for your support and I know Bad People will continue to grow. Please stick around for more comics and games.

Thank you all for being such good friends.

if you haven’t seen my old stuff then here’s a link:

It keeps his coat shiny

Best footage from TGS so far.

The power of Fan Service.

Love, write, draw and support manga’s so that they become anime’s.

Give the kids of this generation something they can remember fondly.

Join our clan, we have T-shirts.

The first step is reading this amazing piece or literature.

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Justin Timberlake,
Sexy Back

I did a thing

Diggy and Lorri art.

I ship myself ~<3

It’s still kinda cute…

Hi friend

I usually really suck at coloring but today… I think i did pretty good

what chu guys think?

Oh… and animal crossing… that’s neat.

If you have mario kart 8 or thinking about getting it, well now you can pre order a special Zelda stage and Animal Crossing stage .WITH the new characters such as LINK and Isabelle!

at the end of November everyone who bought it will have it for DLC. They have just Zelda content or animal crossing content for 7.99. If you are going to get both, then the bundle is 11.99. For Nintendo fans like me, this is more than worth it.